Fifth Annual

Interprovincial Lodge Day


On Saturday, September 22, 2018, brothers from the three provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia met at the Masonic Centre in Bible Hill, NS. This was the fifth time the brothers have held this meeting near the end of September. This year it was Nova Scotia's turn to be the host and the brothers of Truro Lodge #43 took on the roll of host lodge.

At twelve noon a delicious roast pork meal, prepared by the brothers of the Truro Lodge #43, was held at the St. David's Church Hall next to the Masonic Centre. I have not heard a count on the number seated at the tables but it had to be over 100. The meal was well laid out and enjoyed by all present.

This has turned out to be our best meeting yet with 130 brothers attending.

The lodge opened in the beautiful lodge room at the Masonic Centre at 1:30pm. Lodge was opened on the third degree by the WM of the Truro Lodge #43, W Bro. Barry Stone. After the opening the three Grand Masters of the three provinces were escorted into the lodge by pipers and their Grand Directors of Ceremony.

Presiding Grand Master of Nova Scotia

Most Worshipful, Grand Master:

Bro. James Luddington

Presiding Grand Master of New Brunswick

Most Worshipful, Grand Master:

Bro. John Watson

Presiding Grand Master of Prince Edward Island

Most Worshipful, Grand Master:

Bro. R. Gordon Carter

The GM of NS was piped in by the Grand Piper of NS, RW Bro. Angus Tulloch, and introduced by the GD of C, RW Bro. James Mackenzie.


The GM of NB was piped in by the Grand Piper of NB, Bro. Scott Murray, and introduced by the GD of C, VW Bro. Andrew Libby.

The GM of PEI was piped in by the past Grand Piper of Ontario, VW Bro. Robert Hoglund, and introduced by the GD of C, MW Bro. David Hooper (acting).

After conducting the necessary business for the afternoon the Masonic Education was presented by a brother from New Brunswick, Bro. Alex Madsen. 

His topic for the meeting was the role of music in freemasonry. He gave us a very enlightening and meaningful presentation of how music has been such an important part of masonry ever since we first gathered as masons. One of the most interesting parts of his presentation was just how many famous musicians over the centuries have incorporated masonic symbolism into their music and lyrics.

In closing, he performed for us a song he had written for this meeting. It is titled "A Country Lodge". 

Check out the YouTube video below to hear it now.

Next MW Bro. E. Carson Jackson introduced the Equitones and gave a little of their history and how they came to be as members of Equity Lodge #106. The brothers then sang three Gospel songs for the brethren in attendance. I recorded some of each song plus got a good nearly 360 degree shot of all the brothers listening to the entertainment.

As the afternoon drew to a close the lodge was handed over to the lodge which will hold next year's meeting. The brothers from St. John's Lodge #1 in Charlottetown, PEI, then took their positions with their WM, W Bro. Steve Hennessey, in the East.

Below we see W Bro. Barry Stone handing the Gavel over to W Bro. Steve Hennessey.

The Grand Masters of each jurisdiction rose to greet the gathering and comment on the proceedings of the day. 

Below left to right we see: MW Bro. R. Gordon Carter, PEI, MW Bro. John Watson, NB and MW Bro. James Luddington, NS.

Directly under their pictures is a video of MW Bro. Luddington's remarks on another very successful Interprovincial Lodge Day.

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